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GreenSun Renewable Energy
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Smart Grid Energy
Don't let the unpredictability of the continued increases in electricity prices, the lack of energy security, and an unstable grid in South Africa put pressure on your Property Development.
Residential & Commercial Energy
Micro Grid Solutions can help you reach the goal of an affordable and risk-free energy security offering.
Centralised Energy
GreenSun's edge computing technology provides a secure, simple, and reliable platform for 'device to control room' management of distributed energy resources (DERs).
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Building Blocks to Create a Micro Grid

GreenSun’s third-party technology integrates with most PV inverter and battery storage products, solving inter-device communication hurdles and creating a uniform interface for smart control of stand-alone microgrids as well as embedded networks. It also enables virtual control of demand response-enabled devices (DREDs), providing more options for ‘big picture’ microgrid management.

Residential Energy

Solar Panels & Batteries, Solar Thermal Heating for Hot Water, Smart Prepaid or Post Paid Meters, Smart Load Management Switch.

Commercial Energy

Solar Rooftop PV, Backup Generator, Small Battery System for Essentials, Commercial Thermal Heating for Water.

Centralised Energy

Central Solar Plant, Central Battery System, Central Backup Generator, Central Micro Grid Controller.

Home Owner Solution

Financed Residential Solar & Battery

Financing Option

Cash Purchase or Rental

Finance Term Options

5, 7, 10 & 12 Years

Energy Cost per kWh Range from Rental System

R1.89 – R3.20

Generate up to 75% of your energy from home solar and battery
0 %
Generate 40% of Your Energy from Commercial Rooftop

Commercial Solution

Financed Commercial Solar, Battery or Backup Generator

Financing Option

Lease-to-Own or PPA

Financing Option

Lease-to-Own or PPA

Energy Cost per kWh from System Starting at:

R0.89 – R1.60

Generate 30% of your energy from home solar
0 %

Central Energy Solution

Financed Central Solar, Battery & Genset

Financing Option

Lease-to-Own or PPA

Finance Term Options

10, 15 & 20 Years

Energy Cost per kWh from System Starting at:

R0.75 – R1.50

Options for Home Owners Associations

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