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Residential Energy

The way you have always imagined solar and battery power, but only better! Our products, including inverters, batteries, panels and more to maximise your savings.

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Business Energy

On-Grid, Off-Grid, or Battery-Backup-Only, we have the design capabilities and experience to deliver the tailored solution you require. We take pride in all our projects, no matter big or small.

Residential Solar Finance now available

From as little as R1,952* per month, you can power your home with solar & battery power.

Why choose GreenSun as your energy partner?

Think of us as your renewable energy partner. We offer flexible energy solutions. Our custom solutions, no matter the size, come in at the lowest cost of ownership and are available on flexible funding options


GreenSun Renewable Energy
SolarEdge Battery
GreenSun Renewable Energy

SolarEdge Residential System now available

Keep the power on when the grid is off. SolarEdge is a world leader in residential and commercial smart energy solutions with more than two million systems installed wordwide.

What Makes GreenSun Great

Residential Solar & Battery

Solar alone won’t protect you from a power outage, but Solar + Battery can provide power when the grid is down.*

Micro Grids Development

GreenSun assist property developers and HOA’s with micro grid development and funding

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Commercial Solar & Battery

We guarantee our energy production numbers with the operational capabilities to support whilst maximising your ROI.

Off-Grid Implementation

We have the design capabilities and experience to make off-grid projects a reality 

Our GreenSun Services

To be the bridge between technical solutions and customer energy needs.

Engineering & Design

Our team of qualified and experienced engineers can provide you with the best tailored solution to suit your energy needs.

Financing Options

Our various financing packages include solutions for both residential and business use. Switching to renewable energy has never been easier.


Let our energy experts help you determine what the right renewable energy solution is to suit your particular energy challenges.

GreenSun Prides Ourselves on Some Outstanding Statistics

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