TAKING THE POWER BACK – 10 years of GreenSun energy

by | Oct 6, 2020

Remember a time when renewable and solar energy was a phrase mentioned in the same conversations with ‘greenhouse gasses’, ‘global warming’ and the ‘hothouse effect’. A time before the writing was on the wall for Eskom, generators were the only option for back-up, Photovoltaic (PV) energy wasn’t even a thing and green cards were your ticket into the USA. This was a time when solar panels were only found on space stations, farms and in foreign countries.

From Camps bay to Kruger, PV electricity is now utilized for powering remote locations such as offices, stores and homes. The question is no longer to be or not to be, it is TO-DAY.

How much has changed over the past 10 years. Our official power grid not only become unreliable in providing electricity but also price. And the future seems slightly nuclear (pun intended).

With the sudden surge in demand, the supply has increased with more or (rather often) less success. It is now, more than ever, critical to make an enlightened decision on who you invite into your home.

The Power Game
Suppliers range from cheaper products to 20-year warranties and knowing your installer and their product licensing has become a requirement for solar sustainability. All installers and products have unfortunately not been created equal and making sure you make use of accredited suppliers and installers should be your main concern (we are essentially talking about electricity supply to your home and this should be considered with the necessary caution).

What goes for Watt
The options are endless, and the choice is not only whether you want to be off-grid or partially backed up. Each home has a very unique energy footprint and suggesting a plug and play solution might take care of the plug but won’t provide enough play. Doing an energy calculation on the average seasonal usage while considering the unique power surges per appliance is critical in doing the upfront assessment and will be the key to unlocking your solar solution. Making an informed decision ultimately relies on good information. It is always important to know exactly how much energy you’ll generate and what savings you can expect.

Fueling the Future
Solar PV can power up your whole home and gives you the opportunity to ‘do the right thing’ by leading a cleaner, greener life. It is not an all-or-nothing choice, but more about taking the first step. It is easy to scale when installed with modular features and with the recent move to increased work from home capabilities, it is necessary to be energy stable.

Although the future of green energy has come a long way, it can be expected that the future of energy supply will no longer be conventional carbon-based sources and the time is eminent to start the green journey.

GreenSun’s team of professional installers have served the industry with pride for 10 years by supplying more than 1000 homes with over 5 Megawatt of green energy. Customer services extend beyond the installation and with round the clock assistance, the team is available to ensure you are up when the power is down. Not only do they provide products, services and support, they are accredited Tesla installers and service partners to Victron and Fronius while also providing training for various solar installers.