Take The Power Back – To Business

by | Oct 26, 2020 | 0 comments

For most business owners in South Africa, the thought of renewable energy as a power back-up has definitely crossed their minds. But, why the hesitance? Is it truly cost or is it that, combined with the daunting idea of something seemingly new and unreliable? Even more unreliable than the future of our grid?

There are a great number of advantages to solar solutions for business. Apart from the government’s recent support of renewable initiatives, solar is globally becoming mainstream in alternative energy sources.

As a business owner, your electricity bill can easily be one of the highest monthly overheads and every business is vulnerable not only with supply but also price. Neither of which is currently certain in the South African context. How do you forecast cash flow and growth investments when one of the fluctuating variables is power? Now is the time to consider how your company can benefit from a back-up solar installation.

Return on your Investment

For every expense, the ROI calculation and financial return should be calculated. Apart from the monthly savings on generated PV supply, tax credits and environmental incentives should also be considered.

The solar power industry has matured over the past few years, not only becoming more cost-effective, but products and suppliers are also more dependable and reliable with very competitive warrantees.

The average business can experience up to a 75% reduction in energy costs after a solar conversion.

Despite the initial giant leap of faith in projected yield against upfront investment, the risks associated with an installation (provided it is done by accredited installers) is negligible.

The Vote of Independence

Whether you are investing in an off-grid or back-up system, the mere presence of an inverter can not only protect your load-sensitive equipment but prolong their lifetime on unstable fluctuating grids.

A properly designed and installed solar system is completely reliable, and with cloud integration, entirely trackable. Since it makes use of the current power grid, it will be the same energy current, but from a completely independently produced supply.

The transition should also not be immediate, and a thorough evaluation of your current usage vs future needs should be conducted. Knowing that this is a long-term investment will undoubtedly give you a decent return and can ultimately sway your decision on the upfront financial impact.

Financing Environmental Change

With the global movement to be less dependent on fossil fuels over the coming decades, almost every large institution is not only getting their own business off the grid to reduce their environmental impact but are designing their products accordingly.

With solar financing provided by most financial institutions through credible providers, you are also now protected against the upfront output and by receiving marginal early returns, the investment will continue to profit your bottom line.

By embarking on the PV journey and converting to solar energy, the investment is not only in the sustainability of your business, but the future of your bottom line. You are essentially hedging your energy dependency and cost and in so doing protecting your company’s future.

When faced with the assessment of your energy needs, choose wisely. Consult carefully and be smart on which products, suppliers, and solar partners you want to engage with. But, don’t let the cost of the investment be the reason you stall. Take your company forward. Take the power back in your business.

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