Your business deserves affordable energy and a sustainable plan towards energy security    

GreenSun presents the POWERSET  that provides protection against:  


Storage system will backup the load supply when grid fails. Works along with your solar PV system. Seamless switch-over is esstential. Due to helping facilities remain operational, our energy storage systems help our customers eliminate costs of downtime.

Electrical surges

Power surges due to rolling blackouts can cause damage to electronic devices and appliances which has led to more frequent insurance claims. The Powerset is your first barrier of protection agianst such issues

Poor Power Quality

Left unchecked, poor power quality such as voltage drops can have serious impact such as equipment breakdown, system failures resulting in considerable losses, damages, high energy bills and penalties. This system will protect against such issues.

Introducing the new POWERSET

Rentals from:

R 2847

ex Vat Per Month
*subject to credit approvals

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A modular approach to grid independence

Battery inverter size ranges between 2kW – 8kW and gives a seamless switch-over. Industry leading 10 year warranty.

Comes with a MPPT charge regulator to connect up to 5kW of solar panels. A Second MPPT can be added.

Modular Lithium Batteries from 6kWh up to24kWh capacity. 10 year warranty and 15 year life.

Remote management and monitoring – the heart of the system

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Take control of your energy and safeguard your business

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Experience the new monitoring platform which comes with the Powerset.

Now you can design your own POWERSET

Your SOLAR SAVINGS can pay for your new POWERSET

This is an example of what is possible:








3 Panels





6 Panels





9 Panels


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GreenSun is proud to announce that only  members of CapitalBox will qualify for our  massively discounted pricing on turnkey solutions. This will be for a limited time only. Talk to one of our Energy Experts today to learn more.

GreenSun, together with  CapitalBox, will provide affordable, reliable and clean electricity and solid backup solutions at an exciting new scale.

With our compelling service and innovative financed solution, thousands doctors, dentists and heath care professionals will rewire their business with solar and batteries to enjoy enhanced comfort, affordability and energy security.   

About us

We aim to provide the highest quality solar, battery design, quality installations and services since 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in the Rental plan?

We guarantee that your entire solar system will be looked after by us throughout your ‘lease to own’ plan, from beginning to end. This includes maintenance, insurance and repairs or replacements. We are confident in our product and the services we provide. We want you to feel the same way.

Who is responsible for setting up my solar system?

Either one of our four GreenSun teams or our local partner solar companies. All of our installers are trained and certified professionals. Once your system is up and running GreenSun will do a quality check, making sure all systems are running properly and that we’re satisfied with the workmanship provided. A review of the solar battery and home energy monitoring is also included for free.

What if I want to upgrade or expand my system?

Contact us and we will assess your requirements. Afterward, we will provide you with an updated monthly payment plan without you having to go through the application process again

What is the timeline of the rental plan?

The standard agreement is either a 5 year or 7 year plan . All of our lease plans come with 100% guaranteed warranty, insurance, and coverage of all replacement costs. You can even make a deposit payment to add more to your monthly savings..

Is the solar system 100% guaranteed?

Yes, the solar system is fully guaranteed as well as the warranty. If ever anything needs to be replaced or fixed, thanks to our monitoring system, we will be informed immediately.

What products do you use?

We only use top-tier products that provides the lowest running cost. We want our clients to be happy with their system and trust that the system we provide will serve them in the long run. During the entire ‘lease to own’ plan, you won’t be responsible for any replacement costs and at the end of the plan, you get to own some of the best solar equipment that money can buy.

Am I able to purchase the system before the agreement is over?

Yes, absolutely. We will sell the system to you at a fair price, without any penalties. The price is calculated as the value of the system when it was installed, minus 10% for every year you’ve leased it. This is all outlined in the quote you will receive before starting your lease to own plan.

How do I apply?

The process is fairly simple and Retail Capital will assist you every step of the way. Please follow this link to get the process started