Our services


We are using world class engineering software to ensure the best design for each renewable project. Our vertically integrated project management platform takes care of the entire process, from validated design to construction and commissioning.


We use professional renewable energy software to ensure the most efficient design for each renewable resource. Our designs give you the most viable energy source options.  We create bankable designs, with auditable open architecture software.


We use the latest renewable energy and electrical engineering software to design and commission projects

  • advanced electrical infrastructure
  • solar PV system complete with injection point
  • energy storage integration into micro-grids
  • virtual power station simulations


We have an experienced team of engineers, technicians and project managers that can deploy renewable energy projects from residential, commercial to multi property projects.

Our growing team of in-house installers supplemented by our approved sub-contracted partners can take on multiple sized projects. We take care of:


  • overall project development
  • on site construction
  • testing and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance
  • full spectrum asset management


To drive your energy indicators you must know your energy profile. To measure is to know your opportunities​.


  • we have a fleet of energy monitoring equipment that we can use for profile snap shots and long term recording
  • advanced engineering design with bankable financial models for investors and clients​
  • our load profile generator with its extensive electrical load signature database improves system modelling accuracy


Implementing an Energy Conservation plan is not always the same and differs from business to business. We take the pain out of the when to implement the what. Logical decisions supported by technical and financial calculations.


We design projects with quality components from reputable suppliers to ensure the longevity of the overall system.

Repair and maintenance is a reality for systems with 15-20 year life spans.