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GreenSun Renewable Energy
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Keep the Power On When the Grid is Off

with SolarEdge

The Most Affordable Rent-to-own offer in the market

SolarEdge Energy Hub NOW available on MediCoop's finance offer. Calculate your savings below.

Exciting News from SolarEdge

The wait is finally over. The brand new SolarEdge residential inverter and 10kWh battery is now available. Available only from GreenSun. Reserve your system today!

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Our team will reach out to  you learn more about your  Energy Needs and what can work for best for you and your home or  business.

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Energy Hub Inverter

The Home Energy Manager Inverter has a range consisting of 6kW and has a built-in energy meter. With unrivalled flexibility, this is a future-ready solution that offers up to 200% oversizing.


SolarEdge Home Battery

Seamless storage solution with high overall system efficiency, 10kWh Energy capacity and can be used indoor or outdoor, wall or floor. 5kW continuous power and 7.5kW Peak Power (10sec). Comes with a 10 Year Warranty.

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The One for Storage

Experience the combined power and performance of SolarEdge Home Battery + Hub Inverter + Backup Interface

We know it sounds a tad “techy”, but is actually a very big deal when choosing a system. Fewer power conversions than legacy AC-coupled technology means more system energy with excess PV stored in the battery to avoid energy clipping

The SolarEdge backup solution is powered by our Hub Inverter with an industry-leading 94.5% round-trip efficiency

Backup the whole home, or essential loads

Multiple battery capabilities; generator support pending firmware upgrade

Indoor or outdoor placement, wall & floor mounting

Dynamic Outage Management​

1. Setup Preferences

Backup Mode & Reserve Settings, Weather Guard Setup Generator & Smart Device Settings, Prolong Backup Time

3. Management Backup Event

Power Flow View & Battery Status, Consumption & Backup Time Optimisation, Time & Battery Preservation Management, Overload Protection & Generator Trigger

Load managment 1

2. Prepare Backup Event

Backup Reserve Manual Configuration, Outage Alert / Notifications, Auto-setting Weather Guard Backup Reserve

4. Post Event

Return to Steady State Mode, Event Summary and Notifications, Home Owner Recommendations

Decision Proof. Future Proof.

Total versatility for today, future-ready for the energy demands of tomorrow.

Seeing is saving: advanced monitoring to help keep utility bills low

Manage a growing range of features, including future smart energy add-ons

Control EV charging: remote start-and-stop charging, smart-schedule when rates are low

Be ready for anything- ensure battery levels are where homeowner’s want them

Track energy usage and keep bills low with real- time energy monitoring

Schedule usage during high solar production periods or non-peak times

The Only EV Charger Under the Sun That's Powered by the Sun

Charge on up to 100% renewable energy, using excess solar mode

Charge up to 7x faster than plugging into a standard wall outlet and up to 25% faster than standard Level 2, using Solar Boost Mode

View and manage EV and PV in one single app

Industry-leading 5-year warranty

Get EV with PV and avoid the time, cost and hassle of main panel upgrades. Use smart scheduling to charge when utility rates are low

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Smart Home Energy Management

Homeowners can know more and do more with their SolarEdge Home Battery and the SolarEdge Hub Inverter, combined with the mySolarEdge app.

Why Choose SolarEdge

One Number to Call

Streamline and simplify your business with SolarEdge. Dedicated virtual and online Solar + Storage Support Team.

Number One Solar Company

SolarEdge is the world leader in residential and commercial smart energy solutions.

One Supply Chain

Supply chain is controlled by single vendor, with ability to prioritise all components for strategic partners.


One fully integrated source for service, support and more. Comprehensive warranty with up to 25 years coverage.

One Software Suite

Software upgrades for devices from single point to monitor & troubleshoot systems remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Covered in the Loan Period?

What is Covered in the Loan Period?

All warranties and workmanship guarantees are included. You have an option to add a maintenance plan. This will include all call-out costs, checking the system performance twice per year and provide performance reporting.

Is the Solar System 100% Guaranteed?

Is the Solar System 100% Guaranteed?

The SolarEdge products comes wit a industry leading warranty of 12 years on the inverters, 12 years on the panels , 10 years on the battery and 25 years on the optimisers. If ever anything needs to be replaced or fixed, thanks to our monitoring system, we will be informed immediately.

Who is Responsible for Setting Up My Solar System?

Who is Responsible for Setting Up My Solar System?

All of our installers are trained and certified professionals. Once your system is up and running, GreenSun will do a quality check, making sure all systems are running properly and that we’re satisfied with the workmanship provided.

What if I want to Upgrade or Expand my System?

What if I want to Upgrade or Expand my System?

Contact us and we will assess your requirements. All our systems can be upgraded by adding either more panels or batteries.

Am I Able to Purchase the System?

Am I Able to Purchase the System?

Yes, absolutely. We will sell the system to you at a fair price, without any penalties. The price is calculated as the value of the system when it was installed, minus 10% for every year you’ve leased it. This is all outlined in the quote you will receive before starting your lease to own plan.

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