Laaiplek Commercial Installation

by | Apr 13, 2021 | 0 comments

Laaiplek has grown into more than just a harbour. It has become home to opportunity and sustainability.

Spar Laaiplek has found itself perfectly situated in what feels as both the Velddrif and Laaiplek community. Due to the recent upgrades made to the Spar, the need for additional renewable energy was imperative and GreenSun Renewable Energy was powered to take on the opportunity.

We upgraded their current solar system from 62.5kWp to 348.7kWp. We installed 12X Fronius ECO 27 inverters as well as replaced two previously installed inverters in order to create a unified, operating system. The system was coupled with a Fronius Genset Controller to utilise during load shedding and to optimize the generator usage.

We installed an additional Fronius Data Manager Box and a Fronius Sensor Box to monitor both the system, in the event of grid failure and the weather conditions experienced. Here’s to teaming up with AccuWeather in the future! We used Hager Quadro Plus distribution boards and breakers to add to the quality of the system and separate communication, AC and DC.

The Laaiplek Spar system has recently been commissioned and now sees an impressive R2000 daily savings on utility bills! We look forward to taking this project to the next level in Q3 by feeding back power into the Berg River Municipality.

Spar – “Good for You” and the Planet!