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Unlock Savings with GreenSun Solar—It's Easier Than You Think!

What if you could lock in a lower energy
rate and save money every month?

EnergyEase for

We install a smart solar & battery for your home. You use the energy produced and pay a lower rate for it. It’s that simple! The very first residential Power Purchase Agreement in SA

Calculate your savings and Energy rate


We install solar panels and battery for your home.


You use the energy produced and pay a lower rate for it. It's that simple!


The current challenge

This graph illustrates the typical monthly electricity expenses for a family of four with an average monthly cost of R4,000 at R4.10/kWh or unit of electricity

Monthly Electricity spend profile

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Switch to EnergyEase

Sign up for our Energy-As-A-service, or as we call it EnergyEase, starting at just R3.98/kWh – beat the municipal rate and pay only for the energy produced from the system. Save more,enjoy constant power and be loadshedding proof.

Estimated monthly EnergyEase payments

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Better Energy Management

Switch to EnergyEase for comprehensive energy solutions. We manage your power, prioritising solar and battery, to significantly cut costs and ensure a steady, sustainable supply. Embrace a future where your energy is handled expertly and savings grow over time.



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Summer Snapshot with EnergyEase

During summer, EnergyEase shines brightest. Expect your energy costs to dip below traditional bills, as our solar-powered system maximizes efficiency and savings—giving you cool comfort for less.

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Think of it like this

The GreenSun EnergyEase system makes solar energy affordable and reliable. You can get 80% of your electricity from the sun and have battery backup power in case of power outages, all for the same cost or lower as your current bill and with no hidden fees.

Get started today and see how easy it is

We will guide you through some short questions to find the perfect solution for your budget, wants and needs.

Book a FREE Consultation

We will guide you through some short questions to find the perfect solution for your budget, wants and needs.

More than a solar and battery package
Why choose EnergyEase solar plan

Unique Technology


The key to EnergyEase is our Smart Controller – an AI-powered upgrade to residential solar and battery systems. Increase your savings, smartly manage your loads and get more battery time.

Advanced Monitoring


Innovative monitoring lets us track your system remotely, responding to any downtime before you even notice. Meanwhile, you can track your usage on your app and manage loads remotely yourself if required.

Use 20 More Power

Use 20%
More Power

Use more electricity than before – your EnergyEase system will enable you to enjoy 20% more electricity, without having to pay more, than your household used before joining the this plan. So you can keep the air-conditioner running or pumps running from solar.

Power Sharing Community

Power Sharing

Our Smart Controller is especially great for residential estates to be able to share electricity around so that everyone has the power they need, when they need it.

Future Proof for Electrification

for electrification

Your EnergyEase Controller is ready for you to create an even smarter home. Add more controllers for switching loads for only a few cents more or even add smart car charger in the future for that dream electric vehicle on your vision board.


Don’t limit

We can connect the entire house to the backup system, unlike present systems, which only allows one to connect lights and plugs. This is can be useful during a prolonged unscheduled power outage.

More than a solar and battery package
Why Choose EnergyEase solar plan

EnergyEase is the only way to guarantee lower electricity bills whilst also having a big enough battery for the worst possible load shedding stages.

Solar panels alone will typically reduce electricity bills by 30-40%. The current rental systems in the market will get you to a 50% saving. EnergyEasy can go all the way to a 75% saving.


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How is this so different from all the other rental systems



Easily track your savings and billing from one app gs

Easily make payments and track your savings and billing from one app

GreenSun facilitates remote metering and control of solar plant and utility consumption. Near real-time consumption is displayed on our innovative Smart Wallet. Consumption is reconciled and credited on a daily basis and users can conveniently “top-up” their Smart Wallet using a few different methods:

Follow these steps to sign up today
Step 1

Solar Adviser will design your custom system


We verify your order & do technical site inspection


We register & apply at local municipality


We deliver & install your solution


We inspect & certify your solution


Municipality provides bi-direction meter


We track and optimise performance for maximum savings

Get these amazing systems on Standard Bank financed offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the EnergyEase payment plan?

EnergyEase, or the more well-known term, residential solar power purchase agreement (PPA), is a financial arrangement where we install a solar and battery system on your property. You only pay for the electricity the system generates, often at a rate equal to or lower than your current utility rate.

This offer is still in the pilot phase but will soon be available across all major towns in South Africa. Please sign up and get notified once we start deploying in your town.

Our starting rate will be equal to or lower than current municipal rates.You will most likely not see a significant saving in years 1 and 2, but going into year 3 and thereafter, the savings will increase. You not only get better savings but also more energy security 

Most homes are suitable for solar energy. However, effectiveness can vary based on factors like roof size, shading, and geographic location. Our team will conduct an assessment to determine the suitability of your home. You will easily qualify for this opportunity if your municipal bill is over R3,000 per month. 

Our solar EnergyEase solution comes with a smart battery system that stores excess energy. This ensures that you have a reliable power source during outages or grid failures.

There will be an initiation fee of R13,800. This will be used towards the registration of your system with the local municipality, purchasing a smart meter and relevant admin fees. 

The length of the PPA contract is 10 years. You’ll have the option to purchase the solar system at the end of the contract for a nominal agreed-upon amount,if you wish. Or upgrade the system to a possible better battery technology at the time. It is possible to exit earlier from the contract if you wish and a buyout schedule will be provided on request.

There are no maintenance costs for you. We take care of all maintenance and repairs as part of the PPA agreement.

Getting started is easy! Just click on the “Get Started” or “Book Your Consultation” button on this page. You can also reach out to us via live chat or contact us directly.

Yes, we offer a flexible cancellation policy. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Our customer support team is available to assist you with any queries or issues. You can reach us via live chat on this page, email, or phone.

Billing is managed through our wallet system and a smart meter that we install. Billing will happen on a daily basis on the solar power produced. This is not a fixed monthly payment or rental plan.

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