Commercial SOLAR + BATTERY 

On Grid, Off Grid, or Battery-Back-Only, we have the design capabilities and experience to deliver the tailored solution you require. We also guarantee our energy production numbers with the operational capabilities to support it whilst maximizing returns for your business. We take pride in all our projects no matter big or small.



Let us help you become more profitable form all the solar savings and never experience the devastating effects that load-shedding and poor quality power supply have on your business




Finance options avalible


State-of-the-art Li-ion Battery


12B Tax Benefit

We can assist with this


No more down time

Consider this if:


Energy spent is more than R20,000 per month


Energy Security is crucial

to the business’s survival


Zero CAPEX spending


Improved Cash Flow

and immediate savings from the first day


Risk free SOLAR and BATTERY offering. Put us to the test!

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 the Building Blocks for Commercial Energy

Commercial energy building blocks

Li-ion Battery Backup from R1.80 per kWh

We can provide state of the art battery systems starting at 20kWh to 20MWh. GreenSun specialises in decentralised battery design or micro-grids.


Battery Inverter

the Quattro is also a combined inverter and charger. Additionally it can accept two AC inputs and automatically connect to the active source. Its many features include a true sine wave inverter, adaptive charging, hybrid PowerAssist technology plus multiple system integration features such as three or split phase operation and parallel operation.

3000VA, 5000VA, 8000VA, 10000VA, 15000VA


Grid Inverter

The Grid inverter converts DC power from the panel into usable AC power. This power source can intern be connected to your backup generator to reduce diesel or a battery system. The power from the panels can also assist the battery system


Solar Modules

Only Tier 1 A-grade panels are used in our projects



The Color Control GX is the communication-centre of your installation. It offers at-a-glance live information, and lets you control all products connected to it. Full system control is gained - almost anywhere in the world - by accessing your Color Control GX using our free-to-use Victron Remote Management Portal

The Benefits of Energy Storage Systems

Load Shifting

Load shifting is similar to peak shaving, but instead of focusing solely on peak pricing, it focuses on reducing your overall kWh costs. In effect, you take advantage of the difference between low-cost energy and high-cost energy storing power when costs are low and discharging it when costs are high. 

Maximize PV Generation

The typical electricity demand curve usually doesn’t meet the PV generation curve. In storing the surplus PV generation into a battery storage unit, it can maximize PV generation and reduce electricity bills.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Storage system will backup the load supply when grid fails. Works along with your solar PV system. Seamless switch-over is esstential. Due to helping facilities remain operational, our energy storage systems help our customers eliminate costs of downtime.

Peak Shaving

The price of energy is typically at its highest during periods of peak demand. GreenSun systems can support peak shaving to reduce expensive energy costs. With peak shaving, the battery is charged during periods of low demand (i.e., overnight or during troughs in the day) and discharged during periods of high demand. This is particularly economical for companies whose rate is determined during peak demand. GreenSun can help you with the economics of energy storage to make your system most effective!

Power Quality

Facility load power factor can cause power quality issues. Demand charges are often related to facility loads with low power factor, when a higher cost is paid for lower power factor. An energy storage system can improve the facility power factor, improve power quality and save money on utility bills.

Micro Grid

Coordinate various power generation sources to form the foundation of smart grid or smart community.


Full Turnkey Solar

solutions as GreenSun will build, operate, and maintain the system.

Energy Audits

can be carried out before and after system design and installation.

Our top Engineers

will put their years of technical experience into the design of your system.

Our experienced installation teams

will be used on projects to ensure top quality workmanship.

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