Now your business can keep pace with the latest solar and battery technology, as GreenSun makes it simple and affordable with our Solar Leasing or Power Purchase offering. Start cutting your costs and become unaffected by energy price increases and load-shedding.
You can have a state-of-the-art solar system today!

Solar Lease

 Enjoy the full benefits of solar energy without capital outlay and enjoy full ownership of the equipment that can include solar panels, Li-ion batteries, gensets and all equipment that can add to energy efficiency. The goal is to tailor the solution you need and get cash positive. Simply put, ones solar savings will cover the monthly payment and could result in extra cash. Our flexible terms of 10, 12, 15 or 20 years makes us the market leader for this popular finance option.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Solar PPA is a long-term contract to purchase electricity generated by a solar panel system installed at one’s premises. Electricity consumption will be charged at the agreed upon prices for the contract term (typically 10-20 years).

Finance your solar PV system and add Li-ion batteries for maximum independence


Solar PV System Only

Ongrid System

  • Up to 45% saving from solar only
  • No batteries therefore excess power goes back to the grid or are limited.
  • Backup power or batteries can be added at a later stage to store the excess energy


With Battery

Hybrid system

  • Up to 85% saving
  • The system is scalable and grow  over time
  • Li-ion batteries are part of the system design for quality energy storage.


Full Turnkey Solar

solutions as GreenSun will build, operate, and maintain the system

Energy Audits

can be carried out before and after system design and installation

Our top Engineers

will put their years of technical experience into the design of your system

Our experienced installation teams

will be used on your projects to ensure top quality workmanship


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